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At Sturde Built, we realize that our projects involve a very personal thing- your home! That is why we strive to bring you the highest quality material, reliable workmanship, and an incredible design, exceeding expectations with our high standards.

Sturde Built strives to:

  • Continuously provide superior construction services designed to satisfy every client's expectations.
  • Balance maximum profitability with fair and reasonable fees in the eyes of our clients.
  • Constantly be aware of our client's expectations and satisfy or exceed those expectations while maintaining the integrity and values of the SturdeBuilt Company name.
  • Provide a positive, enjoyable, quality oriented, winning, motivational atmosphere for our employees to operate within.
  • Provide support from the top down to train and educate employees at all levels, keeping them up to date in their area of expertise, and to aid them in their professional development and definition of their goals.
  • Provide compensation, benefits and incentive plans to promote creativity and innovation, and to reward the achievement of our goals.
  • Strive to out perform our industry peers at all levels, thus achieving the status of a LEADER in construction.